To achieve the best possible finish when painting a space you need more than just excellent Paintcor products. Here are a few things you will want to add to the list of items you need to ensure the perfect finish when painting your home, office or commercial space.

1. Degreaser and Household Cleanser

Many people forget that the first step of any paint job should be to make sure the surface you are painting is properly prepped. If the wall does not require sanding, or similar treatment, the very least it should get is a thorough clean.

This is especially true in rooms like kitchens and bathrooms. The surface you are painting is likely to be holding on to grease or product residue which will interfere with the “tooth” or grip the paint should have.

A household cleaner should be enough to clean most wall surfaces prior to painting. For spaces that need some more muscle to get clean, like the wall behind the stove, you can use a degreaser to ensure that all the surfaces are well washed prior to their coats of Paintcor products.

cleaning before painting

2. Masking Tape

Masking tape or painter’s tape is your friend because making mistakes is human nature. Masking tape will help you ensure your painting does not cross any barriers it shouldn’t. The correct use of tape can help you paint perfect corners and avoid getting paint on windowsills, the ceiling and skirting.

taping before painting

3. Drop Cloths and Rags

Paint spills and dripping are impossible to avoid completely but there are preventative measures you can take to keep these to a minimum. Laying down canvas drop cloths will prevent stains on your furniture and floors.

Plenty of rags on the job will help you prevent drips and spills from spreading further than need be such as stepping on it and treading it elsewhere. Additionally, ensure you pour the paint you are using into a paint tray and close the paint can. This way you can’t kick over the paint can and have to watch the hard work of your paint manufacturer’s flow away to all the wrong places.

cleaning while painting

4. High Quality Brushes and Rollers

The general rule of thumb when it comes to choosing the best brush for the job is: use natural bristles for oil-based paints and synthetic brushes for acrylic or water-based paints.

If you are painting a large smooth surface a roller should be your go-to applicator.

painting supplies

5. Plastic Bags

Having a few plastic bags handy as you paint is key to preserving your brushes and rollers whilst painting. If you want to take a short break then simply wrap your paintbrush or roller tightly in a plastic bag to ensure it is still flexible and ready to keep painting when you return.

brush in plastic bag

For more tips and tricks from trusted paint manufacturers in South Africa contact us at Paintcor or read more on our blog.

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