Best those Lockdown Blues by adding New Colour to your Life!

Staring at the same few walls day in and day out, for 21 long days, during the unprecedented Covid-19 Lockdown has undoubtedly highlighted a few cracks in your home… and your sanity. We’ve experienced bizarre weather too in the form of unseasonal heavy rainfall and hail that has perhaps reminded you of that leak in the roof you didn’t get to fix before lockdown. You’ve probably noticed the rising damp behind the couch that you moved to vacuum behind and by now you’ve probably realised that you’re completely bored with the wall colour in your bedroom! Perhaps you’re longing for a change in scenery – we’d all love to get out a bit – but we have a better idea…

With all the extra time on your hands and obvious lack of routine, we, at Paintcor believe that now is the time to plan your home’s Post Lockdown Face-lift!

Like starting any big project, a lot of planning and coordinating is involved. With this in mind, the best place to start is with a list.

Top to Bottom, or Bottom to Top – it’s up to you.

Roof, exterior walls, interior walls, floors, furniture – in no order of preference.

We like the idea of starting at the top and working our way down. By “top” we mean the roof of our homes. Paintcor has an amazing array of products to fix those pesky roof leaks as well as to paint roof tiles and exterior walls. Not only is this the practical way to fix those roof leaks, but it also gives you the opportunity to revamp the exterior look and feel of your home, the right way.

The Roof

  1. AquaMatt

AquaMatt is a water-based, fibre, re-enforced acrylic copolymer coating for waterproofing masonry decks, flat roofs and parapet walls.

This incredible waterproofing compound (in other words it’s like a built-in bandage) is made up of special fillers that will reduce the temperature under the surface it is applied to. By up 30%. AquaMatt has been designed to stretch and is water and water vapour resistant. We highly recommend that you use AquaMatt for long-term protection from the elements. This means that you’ll probably only have to think of redoing it again next international lockdown – this is hopefully never! Application is easy enough to do yourself too. All the instructions can be found on our website

Ok, so you’ve done the right thing now by fixing your leaking roof. The results of a revamp have to be seen to be appreciated as well, so why not repaint your roof too? Whether you have a flat roof or a tiled roof, Paintcor has the product for to best suit your design plan.

Nothing makes an older home feel like new than a fresh coat of exterior paint! And of course, Paintcor is your one-stop-shop for exterior home makeover products.

The Exterior Walls

  1. RippleTex

RippleTex is a luxury, textured wall covering that has been formulated by using specialised raw materials that achieve a tough, durable and flexible coating with smooth rounded peaks and low dirt retention. RippleTex has been designed to cover plaster imperfections with excellent flexibility, adhesion, water and UV ray protection. It comes in a wide range of colours too so you’re bound to find a colour that will not only modernise your home but will also suit the colour you’ve painted your roof.

RippleTex has some amazing features. It’s non-toxic and environmentally friendly. It can be used for both interior and exterior walls and it allows for three different finishes depending on the type of roller and dilution rate used. To get an estimate on how much paint you’ll need, our website has an estimation calculator that makes it easy for you to buy the correct amount of product.

We’re done with the outside, and if you’re anything like the designers we know, now the fun starts! It’s time to re-decorate, re-do, re-cycle the interior look and feel of your home! But we before we get to nice-to-haves, it’s important to prep and fixes any interior wall issues before painting. An issue like rising damp…

Paintcor has a variety of exterior wall paints to choose from, RippleTex is only one of many. Please go to our website to read about the other top-quality exterior wall paints we have available.

Stone and Brick Feature Walls (interior and exterior)

  1. StoneSeal

Many homes have feature or accent walls either inside or outside the house. These walls are often a brick or concrete wall and in order to preserve their smart look and feel, it’s important to seal them.

StoneSeal is a specially formulated brick and stone sealer with excellent adhesion, UV ray protection and water resistance. It has been designed to penetrate deep into the applied surface, enhancing the rich natural colour of the brick or stone whilst protecting and sealing it.

This amazing product protects against UV rays (this is great for external feature walls), is water-resistant and is suitable for both interior and exterior use. This product is a must-have when revamping your home during your home’s Post Lockdown Face-lift!

No More Damp Downers!

  1. DampPrime

DampPrime has been specially formulated to restrain rising damp and to repair water damage. Due to DampPrime’s excellent adhesion, rising damp is held back in the surface and doesn’t penetrate the primer. Its formulation contains cement which, with the moisture in the wall and other special ingredients, causes the product to harden to form a watertight barrier.

This product is incredible, but it’s important to follow the application instructions to the letter. It is quite a labour-intensive process, but the end results are excellent, and your rising damp problem will be taken care of. Thankfully it is something you can do on your own so be sure to head over to our website and read the instructions before you start. Once the damp has been sorted out, the colour you choose to paint your interior walls will pop and there’ll be no evidence of irritating damp again. Plus, your sense of accomplishment of finishing this project yourself will be huge.

Interior Walls

It’s time to see real changes now by adding that pop of colour to the walls you’re so bored of… Paintcor has a large variety of beautiful and modern colours to choose and any of their paint products can be used to paint your interior walls, however, for a noticeably spectacular finish that doesn’t break the bank, we suggest Essence to paint away your lockdown blues… or greys.

  1. Essence

Essence has been designed using the latest dispersion technology to achieve a low VOC (enviro-friendly), mild sheen. It is an interior and exterior product based on a pure acrylic paint. It uses V-spersion technology and has enabled us to produce this high-quality product at a reasonable price, achieving value for money not easily equalled.

Who says a home revamp has to cost the earth?

This affordable product has good UV resistance, is mould resistant and guarantees an almost zero roller splatter on application! This no mess no fuss paint is an excellent choice to use when repainting your interior walls.

DIY Wall Colour Made Easy with PaintCor!

Now that you’ve painted the inside of your home, why not add a stand-out, one-of-a-kind feature wall? Make the wall in your bedroom the centre of attention by creating a feature of colour and style. Ombre is in everywhere and with Paintcor’s exceptionally wide range of colours that most of their interior paints come in, an ombre wall is well within your reach.

Here’s an easy How-To Guide to get that Ombre Wall into your bedroom.

An ombre wall treatment begins with a single paint colour and slowly melts into another, creating a dreamy, water-coloured. Sound complicated? It’s not as hard to pull off as you might think. The trick is to prep the wall and paints before you start creating the ombre effect. Once the paint colours are on the wall, you will quickly blend them with a dry brush before the paints dry.

Choose Two Colours That Blend Well.

For example, for a soft, soothing effect, you can pair a pale pastel with a medium hue of another colour, or choose a single shade of paint to blend with white. If you prefer a bold look, go a little deeper into the spectrum, starting with a pale-to-medium shade and finishing with something a little richer. Paintcor’s vast variety of stunning colours will definitely have a colour to suit your taste.


Determine Your Colour Flow :
Decide which way to direct the flow of colour. Transitioning from dark at the bottom to light at the top makes the ceiling seem higher and the space appear larger, for example.

Section Your Wall :
Divide the wall into three equal horizontal sections, using a measuring tape, a pencil, and a metre stick. Measure vertically and make light pencil marks for each section, then use the metre stick and pencil to draw light horizontal lines through the marks.

Cut In the Top and Bottom Edges: 
Cut in around the base of your wall, using a small paintbrush and your dark shade of paint. Then, use your light shade of paint to cut in along the ceiling. Let the paint dry.

Mix the Paint:
Set out three paint trays. Fill one tray with your dark colour, and fill another tray with your light colour. Using a measuring cup and a bucket or recycled container (a large yogurt or cottage cheese container works well), mix a third colour by combining the two shades in equal parts, then stir thoroughly. Pour the mixed paint into the third paint tray.

Roll Each Section: 
Roll the bottom section of the wall with the darkest shade, using a paint roller. Keep the edge of the paint about three centimetres below the lower horizontal pencil line. Without waiting for the paint to dry, immediately roll the middle section with the blended paint, then roll the top section with the lightest paint. Use a different roller for each colour. Keep each band of paint three centimetres from the marked lines, creating a six-centimetre-wide strip of bare (primed) wall between the sections.

Blend the Sections: 
Use a large, dry paintbrush to blend the two colours between the bottom and middle sections, making crossing X strokes centred over the strip between the sections. Work quickly so that the paint does not dry. Immediately do the same to blend the middle and top sections, using a new dry brush. Blend as much or as little as you like, but do it quickly so the paint does not dry before it is blended. When you’re done blending, let the paint dry completely.



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