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Acrylatex is a modified acrylic latex product, formulated especially for incorporation into cement compounds and acts as a water replacement for sand and cement mixtures.

It is useful for waterproofing, damp proofing, flexibility improvement, adhesion, strength and plaster durability. Additionally, Acrylatex can be used to repair large, damaged cementitious surfaces such as walls and floor screeds or to repair areas where very thin films (feather edging) are required. It can also be used on flower boxes, in the plaster below damp proof course (DPC) to stop damp rising and for the construction of fish ponds.


Acrylatex includes the following beneficial properties:
-It creates water resistance to dry products.
-It creates flexibility for cement.
-It allows for patching of damaged floors and walls at depths of 1mm and greater.
-It improves adhesion to whichever surface it is applied to.
-It improves both the strength and long-term durability of cement.
-It diminishes dusting.
-It improves the resistance to certain chemicals.


Area you would like to cover(sq/m):


Please note that the figures are guidlines, estimated by product spread rates.

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    interior paint


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