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Add a Touch of Texture to Your Walls

For most people the mental image we have of paint is something applied in smooth, even coats. But here at Paintcor we like to give you a way to be extraordinary in your creativity. That is why we’ve brought out two brilliant, textured plaster coating paints: Grantex and Rippletex.

Wondering what makes textured paint so special? Check this out:

Beat the dirt factor

Dirt can be quite a hassle, right? Especially on your lighter exterior walls. But if you use Rippletex as your plaster coating of choice, you get the benefits of its low dirt retention.

As the name implies, Rippletex gives your walls the appearance of rippling textures. One of the great things about this is that it offers you rounded peaks – as opposed to sharper ridges – which allow excess dirt to just roll right off.

Grantex has been formulated using specialised raw materials to achieve a tough coating with a rough granular texture finish. Grantex has been designed to cover plaster imperfections, with excellent adhesion, water and alkali resistance. Grantex can be used as a first coat on good quality plaster. Grantex can be tinted in a variety of colours, however it is recommended that Grantex be over coated with a final coat.

plaster coating
plaster coating

Plaster is a tricky thing to work with at the best of times, so finding some imperfections is quite common. Whether it be cracks, discolouration or uneven spots, you’re bound to find something. That is why paint suppliers love stocking Grantex and Rippletex, because they are both designed to cover plaster imperfections.

plaster coating

You benefit from this by being saved the extra hours of effort and money used to fix the imperfections. You also won’t need to pack on coats of plaster primers. If you do want a good plaster primer though, we definitely suggest Plasterprime.

plaster coating

Harmonise with the environment

We are all becoming more and more conscious of the effect we have on the planet, which is why you want an environmentally friendly plaster coating. Thankfully, both of these paints environmentally friendly – and non-toxic and odourless for your benefit as well! Oh, and they are non-yellowing, which is a plus for your colour.

For your peace of mind Grantex is both water and alkali resistant. If you are in a drier, sunnier area, Rippletex is gives you the benefit of both water and UV protection.

Contact us now to ask us any questions you might have about which of these products is perfect for you. If you want estimates of how much you need, just scroll down on the product pages and you’ll find a handy quantity estimator.

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