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How Cementek Can Help Keep Your Projects on Schedule and Within Budget

Cement and concrete are widely used in almost all construction projects for their strength and durability. There is, however, a lengthy curing process involved once the cement is laid. This can add a lot of time to a project simply due to waiting. With Paintcor there is no need to watch paint dry, thanks to our innovative formulations speeding up the process.

The Curing Process for Concrete

Curing is crucial to developing the strength and durability of concrete. The process begins as soon as the concrete has been put in place. The curing process involves maintaining the right levels of moisture and temperature on the surface and deeper inside at different stages of the curing process. This whole process typically takes 28 days to reach its highest level of compressive strength. That’s a long time, especially if you are working on a schedule.

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Cementek: Stronger Results, Faster

Cementek acts as a curing agent which speeds up the process and eliminates multiple issues that can occur when curing cement or concrete. Cement hardens during a reaction between the chemicals it contains and water produced through the hydration process. If this process goes too quickly the cement dries too suddenly and rapid hydration loss takes place. This often leads to a loss of strength in the cement and even severe cracking. This can be a costly affair because the cement will need to be broken away and redone to ensure its structural integrity.

Cementek can keep your project on schedule and within the set budget thanks to the fact that it allows cement to cure quickly, maintain its integrity and refrain from cracking.

Cementek allows the curing process to continue while you work, and this primer prevents rapid hydration loss while creating a surface that is ready to paint. It is also dust resistant and easy to clean and can even fix cracking on new plaster.

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For a solution that guarantees you can continue working on your project without risk of having to buy new materials to start again, contact us to get your hands on your own Cementek for your next project.



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