Paintcor Rooms With Personality

Creating rooms with personality: An interview with JanHarm Voster

Paintcor Rooms With Personality

The power of imagination opens infinite doors of creation; especially for artistic experts like JanHarm. Surely you have seen JanHarmsgat se Agterplaas in Cullinan? If not, you really need to put it on your bucket list!

We did an interview with JanHarm recently in hopes to understand his mastermind creations better. Here is what he taught us on our dreamy adventure.

Paintcor Rooms With Personality

Many people believe that location is paramount to a guest house’s chances of success. Even though this is true, people forget that location itself influences the scope of your maintenance efforts quite a lot. Let’s focus on coastal guest houses specifically.

Choosing a guest house close to the coast is a surefire investment opportunity; as long as you know how to keep the maintenance up. Harsh weather conditions really know how to tamper with your spotlessly clean marketing features! This is because rust and paint deterioration go hand in hand with salty air and humidity.

JanHarm explains that when new visitors walk into a guest house, all of their focus is immediately drawn to the aesthetics of the home as a whole. When you walk into your own home, you don’t look at everything in detail because you already know what’s where. But when you see a new living environment for the first time, your eyes scope everything from floor to ceiling. This is where bad maintenance stands out like a sore thumb. To ensure that your guests’ hearts drop with joy at the sight of your accommodation, you must do these two things:

  • Make sure that your floors, walls and ceilings are in tip-top condition. South African tradition boasts the old Cape Dutch style with white-washed décor and antique inspiration. If your guest house follows these timeless trends, make sure that you have chosen quality floor, wall and ceiling paint that will not get dirty, and that can withstand the harsh conditions of coastal weather.
  • Make provisions for visitors to leave comments and suggestions. Many people are shy to complain about problems to guest house owners, but will remember their experiences and spread the word to their close family and friends. You have to make sure that you give them the opportunity to tell you when something has gone wrong so that you can fix it as soon as possible. Since you do not live there or see the place every day, you will not know when small things start to deteriorate.

  • Paintcor Rooms With Personality

    Another thing that we learnt from our trip to Cullinan is that style and beauty relies on putting your own personal touch into design and décor; very few people are actually interested in experiencing generic trends, copy pasted from modern-daily type magazines.

    JanHarm, being a brainbox of creativity, understands this exceptionally well. The styles and DIY concepts that he comes up with is the new definition of unique, because he isn’t scared to stretch beyond the boundaries of normal. What most of us might think of as incongruous ideas, he turns into harmonious bursts of spectacular originality.

    Paintcor Rooms With Personality

    If JanHarm’s unique work has taught us anything, it’s: Don’t be afraid to explore your creative drive. Get started on that DIY project, restore that old piece of furniture and buy all things weird and wonderful. Don’t be scared to change your house around; if the lounge is going to look better as a study, or if you can close your patio off to make a tea room, then make it happen- do whatever you can to bring your home to life again.

    And don’t always listen to advice that follows the norm. You can paint your walls black, even if it’s a small space! Let the energy in the room guide your decorating and don’t be afraid of extraordinary.

    Paintcor Rooms With Personality

    Your new space is going to look stunning.

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