How to Get a Smooth, Fresh Wall: Skimming and Patching

Have you ever looked at a plastered wall and wished it had been smooth, rather than roughly textured? Most people seem to believe that plastering entails simply slapping on some plaster, only smoothing it enough to make sure it’s firmly in place, and then maybe roughing it up a little. But there is an easy way to get smooth, plastered walls: skimming.

Skimming and Patching Paint Solutions

What is skimming?

Skimming is a method used in plastering whereby you smooth out the plaster with a tool such as a paint scraper or a specialised squeegee knife. So while it may sound like something fancy and expensive, or difficult for DIY projects, it’s really as easy as smoothing out your plaster with the correct tool. And just like that you’ll have a nice, smooth wall.

More than just a smooth surface: Patching

Damaged wall

While skimming is definitely aesthetically pleasing, it can also be a useful part of the patching process. By using the correct plaster coatings and skimming and patching, painting can be so much more satisfying on a healthy wall. Two great products from Paintcorinclude:


Flaspatch Flashpatch is an excellent resin-bound crack filler intended for exterior use (where most of your cracks tend to be displayed). It can be used as a plaster coating to cover unsightly cracks, as well as providing effective cover for damaged putty, tiles, ridging and more.

On top of providing excellent cover, Flashpatch is flexible, durable and waterproof. So by skimming this over your plaster walls it serves the dual purposes of patching your cracks as well as adding a waterproof layer to further protect your plaster against moisture.


While the exterior provides the first impression of your home, the interior is where you spend your time, so skimming and patching are important here too. That is why we developed Flashskim, a resin-bound skimmer and crack filler, specifically for interior surfaces.

Flashskim operates as a skimming and patching paint, meaning that you can easily apply it to your walls and leave it to dry to a smooth, white finish that looks beautiful and whole. If you’d like to paint over it though, it does provide excellent adhesion so whatever you paint over it will take to your wall nicely and give you that smooth, coloured finish you wanted all along (and without the cracks). No extra plaster coating or primer is required before painting, which is another bonus.

Wall ready to be painted

Contact us and we’ll help you on your way to smooth, patched walls in no time. Discover first-hand why Paintcor has been one of the most trusted South African paint manufacturers since 1986.

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