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You want your next building project to look amazing, and you know that you want to do it with concrete. Concrete is an excellent, durable material which looks great despite its grey colouring, and even that can be beautified with some concrete paint. However, what you want to avoid is the need to keep covering cracks and other issues with paving paint.

The solution: proper curing and sealing, with a helping hand from Paintcor’s cement enhancer, Cementek .

Curing – Usually takes around 28 days

Curing is the process of chemical reactions between the cement and water which causes all the sand and stones (although some people use gravel) to bind. Since water is such a vital part of this process, also known as hydration, it is easy to understand why you see people wetting new cement to help against the moisture loss due to evaporation.

So, when you see cracking and dusting/flaking cement, that is usually as a result of the cement having dried out too quickly and not being cured properly.

freshly laid cement

Sealing – Directly after curing

Sealing in the process of laying new concrete is a means of protecting your concrete with something to repel water and even oil stains (especially on driveways). That is why, directly after curing, most people apply an acrylic (among others) sealer which helps to seal the concrete against sunlight, rain, oil leaks and more while also adding a glossy sheen to the surface.

If you opted for the traditional, roughly 28 day curing process, Cementek makes an ideal sealer. All you need to do is clean the surface of all loose materials and apply your first coat of Cementek. After allowing this coat to dry for two hours (at about 25°C for best results), apply a second coat and leave to dry for two hours again. And with that, your cement is sealed.

Cementek’s helping hand – Ready to go within 24 hours

The best thing about Cementek is that it allows you to handle the curing and sealing of your concrete all at once. At the same time, you benefit even further by being able to apply your concrete or paving paint within 24 hours rather than 28 days, it helps prevent floors from flaking and dusting, and it provides excellent U.V. protection.

All you need to do is properly lay and finish your concrete and apply two coats of Cementek (with two hours to dry between coats) to your damp (not wet) concrete. And for some extra protection, after about 8 hours from the second coat, you can apply an exterior paint for waterproofing like Aquamatt .

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