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Give Your Home a Long-Lasting Enduracoat

Non-Toxic Paints

Are you tired of taking long walks through paint shops and talking for hours to paint suppliers, trying to find the right colour paint for your home, only to eventually have your walls and trimmings stained and ruined soon thereafter anyway? Thankfully, our enthusiastic team of paint manufacturers at Paintcor have come up with the perfect interior paint to keep your home looking great for years! Say hello to Enduracoat.

7-year guarantee

The endurance of Paintcor’s Enduracoat is assured from the moment you pick it up with its whopping seven-year guarantee when used indoors. Seven years is an impressive stretch of endurance for any product these days, and even though this guarantee only applies to indoor application, Enduracoat can still be used effectively outdoors.

Coat your whole home

Non-Toxic Paints

Enduracoat can be used on anything from walls and wood to metal surfaces. So you can use it to take care of, and to decorate, your walls, doors, window frames and even those steel railings on your stairs or balcony that have started looking a little dull.

Thanks to the fact that our Paintcor team is made up of both paint manufacturers and paint suppliers, we’ve managed to formulate Enduracoat to not only work on all these surfaces, but to also protect them from nearly all the threats the materials face daily. With Enduracoat’s high resistance to both steam and water, you can use it in your bathroom or kitchen without worrying about splashes or moisture ruining your walls and cupboards. Enduracoat also has a high resistance to staining and various other marring factors, so it’s perfect for your entryway on those muddy days or in your kids’ rooms where the strangest splotches and stains tend to occur.

Keep it simple, smarty!

Simplicity is key to an easy life, and our Paintcor team has your back covered once again. Thanks to Enduracoat’s gel structure, you can enjoy easy non-drip application as you use this product to cover up any unfortunate stains thanks to its exceptional hiding power – and all this with no extra effort or expense on your part! To make your next seven years even simpler, our paint manufacturers have designed this paint to dry in an attractive semi-gloss, silky finish which looks and feels great and is easy to wash. And its impressive water resistance means you don’t have to worry about wiping the paint off while cleaning your walls.

Give us a call if you have any questions or requests, and we will make sure to give you the perfect Paintcor solution to suit your needs. We’ve been delivering supreme quality service and paint since 1986, and you deserve nothing less than just that: quality service and quality products.

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