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This article will explore the ways in which paint manufacturers in South Africa, namely Paintcor, have tailored their painting products to South African’s unique needs. Paint products that are manufactured to curtail the effects of our (albeit lovely) climate are in demand, for good reason, they work. Don’t let the weather ruin your paint job, use Paintcor products from start to finish and your paint will look fantastic for years to come despite the sun, sea or rain.


The first step in the process should be to make sure the surface you are going to be painting is clean and ready for its new paint treatment. This ensures a smooth and beautiful finish without the fear of any potentially harmful or simply unsightly growths.

Ushevu is an anti-bacterial surface sterilizer that has been specifically formulated to rid surfaces from the growth of bacteria, yeast, fungi and algae. These growths are commonplace in humid climates which certain regions of South Africa are known for. No matter how humid conditions are, one Ushevu treatment and you are good to go.


The next most important step in gearing up your home to withstand the South African climate conditions is damp proofing. Acrylatex is the perfect all round solution for waterproofing, damp proofing, improving flexibility, adhesion and plaster durability. This Paintcor product has the ability to repair large areas of damaged cementitious surfaces.

Ruvacryl Premium

Roof paint in South Africa takes a beating from the hot African sun, day after day. Luckily the paint manufacturers in Africa from Paintcor have taken this into consideration so that you don’t have to repaint your roof every year. The product boasts its excellent UV resistance through testing that involves being subjected to an excess of 1700 hours of accelerated weathering. Even after being subjected to these conditions the product did not fade or degrade.

A Ruvacryl Premium coating can be used indoors or outdoors making it perfect for roofing or indoor walls that get a beating from the sun on a daily basis. It can be applied to a variety of surfaces to reinforce them with weather barrier technology, UV resistance, acid rain resistance and resistance against alkali.

If you are looking for painting products tailored to suit the needs of your home look no further. Contact us at Paintcor to fulfil any and all of you paint product needs. Paint manufacturers in Africa have their customers in mind when it comes to the location of your home or business and its paint needs.

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