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It’s all in the details

To transform your home from the drab space you have grown accustomed to, you don’t need to spend buckets of cash or hire a motley crew to get the job done. It’s all in the details and in how you negotiate them. All that is needed to truly reinvent a space is some paint and a little bit of imagination.

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Move things around

If you are trying to think of a way to transform your bedroom without repainting then start by inspecting the layout. Let’s say your bed is against the window and your dresser is next to the door: you don’t have to carry all of your belongings out and paint all four walls to refashion your room. Instead, consider moving your bed to the wall, painting your dresser a pastel colour to catch the light from the window and perhaps investing in new curtains. In essence, all you would have done is repaint your dresser yet the space is transformed!

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A little colour never hurt anybody

Make small changes to alter the way a room looks. Instead of repainting your entire kitchen, just paint the cabinets and maybe attach some new handles to redefine the way you see and use the space.

Do not neglect the power of frames. By frames I mean door frames, window frames and even skirting. Changing the colour with which the room is framed can make the world of difference.

If your living room reflects a neutral tone that you like then don’t change it – just tweak it. Paint the door frames green and invest in the house plants you’ve always wanted; invite the outdoors in. Or paint your skirting a warm shade of brown to add a warm glow to the room. You’ll be surprised by how far a mere lick of paint can go. For a semi-gloss finish that resists steam, water and is easy to clean, try EnduraCoat. This will to recast your space to play the leading role in your home.

A good primer changes everything

The bathroom: one of the most expensive rooms to remodel – or so you may think! A good primer can change a lot. Instead of retiling your entire bathroom because the baby blue just isn’t doing it for you anymore, repaint the tiles you already have!

You read that correctly – with Epoxiprime you just have to give the walls a good wash with a solvent and you are good to go. You can give your bathroom that truly modern look you have always wanted, complete with shades of earthy greys, or embrace your bubble-gum dreams and paint it mint green. All these options are easy and up to you thanks to the capabilities of a good primer.

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