Keep Your Paving Solid with Terrafirma

There’s an old saying which states that ‘all roads lead to Rome’, and here at Paintcor we’ve made sure that the paving is protected. Translated from Latin as ‘solid earth’, we bring you Terrafirma, the solution to your paving paint needs and more.


Paving Paint? Really?

As strange as it may sound, this is something you should be doing. We all know what kind of wear and conditions our external walls are exposed to, and so we make sure to keep painting them. But if you think about it you’ll realise that your paving and driveway face all that same exposure to the sun and weather, as well as constant daily foot and vehicle traffic. Not only does this cause discolouration over time, but it can also affect the structural integrity of bricks and cement. It could also cause smoothness in certain areas which can be hazardous in wet conditions.

How Terrafirma helps

Terrafirma has been specially formulated as a hard and highly durable paving paint. More than just creating an extra, hard layer to protect your paving Terrafirma provides an excellent degree of UV protection, which is something your paving materials wouldn’t have without this paving paint. It also creates a safer anti-slip surface, so on wet days you have reduced the chances that your vehicles and guests will slip into any nasty accidents.

Another moisture-related benefit of using Terrafirma is that it dries very quickly. Concrete and bricks, especially the more porous varieties, tend to take in a lot of moisture which can also lead to further damage, especially in colder climates. But because Terrafirma dries so quickly you do not need to worry about moisture hanging around to affect your paving, and you can move about without having to wait an age for your paving paint to dry first.

Paving Paint

But wait, there’s more

Terrafirma does more than just protect your bricks and paving. It can also be used as a great outdoor beautifier. If you decide to expand your driveway with more bricks you’ll notice that you end up with two very different colours, which can be rather unsightly. With some paving paint this is no longer a problem, as your bricks can now all look the same, covered by the exact same colour. And if you have any flower pots or plastic garden furniture that has taken a bit of a beating from the elements, Terrafirma can be used on these too!

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