waterproofing walls
waterproofing walls

Klinkaseal water repellent sealer is a liquid silicone carried by a solvent.

It is designed to seal face-brick surfaces, to inject as a chemical damp proof course and to protect plaster against rising damp. The product has been developed to penetrate porous masonry surfaces and to react with the structure prohibiting moisture absorption. Due to the high alkalinity of most brick and cement surfaces, Klinkaseal has been formulated to be highly resistant to alkalinity using the Iso-Octyl Siloxane-type technology.


-It waterproofs masonry.
-It can be applied to slightly damp substrates.
-It protects brick and masonry without affecting the surface’s aesthetic appeal.
-It can be used as a primer on new plaster and works to stop rising damp below damp proofing course, especially before emulsion paint is applied.

waterproofing walls


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July 28, 2016

2k waterproofing

December 9, 2015
Damp Proofing Walls

Damp proofing walls

December 3, 2015
damp proofing cement enhancer


Acrylatex is a modified acrylic latex product, formulated especially for incorporation into cement compounds and acts as a water replacement for sand and cement mixtures.
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