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Let Elegance Reform Your World

“Change is inevitable. Change is constant.”

We are all obliged to stick to our routines and commitments, but sometimes we just need to experience a bit of change. Why not brighten the summer up by welcoming a fresh touch of Elegance into your home. Elegance is Paintcor’s star product, making life convenient with its outstanding user-friendliness and ability to transform any dull space into a vibrant picture cut straight out of a designer magazine, while protecting your most valuable assets all the same at time.
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Not sure what exactly you want to paint or where to start?

Don’t stress. You can safely use Elegance indoors and outdoors. Since it has been designed to combat South-Africa’s extreme weather conditions. When applying Elegance correctly, you will be blown away by the features that it has to offer. Elegance is UV resistant, resistant to mould and even waterproofs the surface that it is applied to.

Do you always buy too much paint, and not know what to do with it?

You can also use Elegance to renovate furniture and ornaments for a completely new interior design style! Use Elegance to paint over old enamel, glass, metal, garden furniture, bathrooms, old emulsion paint and plaster. You may need to put in a bit of extra elbow grease because some surfaces need sanding, cleaning or priming first, but the end result of your project will have you smiling from ear to ear.

Okay, but what about style and maintenance?

Maybe it’s your holiday home that you are renovating and you are scared that your hard work will crumble while you are away. Or maybe your diary is so booked out that you know you can only do this renovation thing once.
Either or, Elegance quality excels in harsh weather conditions and has a 10 year guarantee ensuring your home improvement efforts are worthwhile. Painting your home with Elegance will save you years of maintenance while covering and protecting your walls.
As for style? Well, our long list of colour options might have you second guessing your decisions for a few days. Elegance can be tinted in most colours and you will definitely not run out of options! And hey, if you can’t choose between a few colours, you can always create a beautiful ombre technique that will leave your eyes mesmerised.

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