Neutral tones unveil the natural flair of your home

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What better way to welcome the spring and the changing season than by planning a bit of renovation for 2018. Check out the trends hitting the shelves in time for 2018!

Earthy greys for the exterior

Grey is in and it is anything but vanilla; it creates a backdrop that works with neutrals, jewel tones and pastels. Your exterior walls will catch the light of the sun and reveal their natural, earthy tones. Embrace Mother Earth this spring with earthy base tones and grey in particular.

You can choose from other earth tones like shades of brown to complement your garden. The neutral tones won’t take away from the brightness of all the fresh flowers blooming around your home or the lush green grass after the first rain. Pairing these earthy greys with elements of African interior design will make your home trendy, chic and modern yet natural nonetheless.

Choosing a neutral base for your exterior with a soft industrial flair will make your house the most stylish one on the block. It is minimalistic and modern and it allows the other elements that you pair with the base tone to shine.

interior paint
interior paint

Neutrals for the interior

From off-white and beige to tans and creams, choose a colour for your interior that will fit with almost any interior design and colour scheme. Light neutral tones like cream and beige will let the light rush in to a room without clashing with the other elements of design you choose for the space.

The choice of paint for your interior is a decision that should be made with the following in mind: colour trends come and go and are constantly changing. When choosing a colour for a room you may think, “This mustard hue will never go out of fashion!” That is what people thought in the 70s and they were oh-so mistaken.

If you choose a neutral colour you can update your interior with the changing trends in colour and motif without having to repaint your walls when you realise, “The red is probably a bit much…”

With neutral tones, you can get new curtains and replace a few trinkets to completely change your interior’s style – rather than repainting again!

interior paint

Picking the right neutral

Basically, all you have to decide now is what undertone you want and how dark you want the colour to be. Your neutral can boast cool undertones with hints of green, grey and blue or warm undertones of yellow, orange and red. Choose which you would prefer and how dark you would like the colour to be. Take the space’s lighting into account.

Painting is a big job so ensure you get quality paint products. Your paint should outlive the trends. If you enlist the help of Paintcor, quality paint manufactures, you can be certain that the non-toxic paint and unendingly varied colour selection will make your home safe and aesthetically simple and clean-cut.

interior paint

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