Determining your product requirements
Measure area to which paint is to be applied. Depending on surface to which the product is to be applied, determine which products are needed. Check the Theoretical Spread Rates (TSR) on each of the specified products and see how many coats of each are recommended, then calculate what quantities of each product you will require, remembering to make adjustments for the porosity of each surface. TSRs are based on products applied to smooth, sealed surfaces. (e.g. an unsealed scratch plaster surface will absorb more paint than a sealed smooth one, so allow for a lower spread rate). Check out the specifications on all the top coat choices (referring to the relevant data sheets) and decide which is right for you.TSR = Theoretical Spread Rate | NC = Number of Coats | DT = Drying Time
Paint Techniques - PDF Document
Entire Tutorial covering all Surface Preparation and Application Methods and Related Paintcor Products for Paint Techniques - Paint Techniques - PDF - (2M)
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