Paintcor Exhibiting at The African Construction Expo 2018

On the 16th and 17th of May, 2018 Paintcor proudly exhibited our expertise at The African Construction Expo at the Gallagher Convention Centre in Johannesburg. This Expo is considered the “MUST ATTEND show for the built environment”, and we couldn’t agree more.

Paintcor exhibited our innovative products as South African paint manufacturers among other big names in construction like Bosch Thermotechnology, Master Builders South Africa and Philips Lighting.

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Paintcor: South African Paint Manufacturers

Paintcor has always been in the business of manufacturing paint products of supreme quality. Our products are defined by their durability and the fact that they are designed to deliver luxury. With 30 years in the industry, we continue to produce paint products with unprecedented qualities like the ability to withstand extreme conditions. Products that are resistant to UV levels, vast temperature differences, high humidity and heavy rainfall make them ideal for the multiple climates and conditions across South Africa. Our selection of 40 products that cater to a range of environments ensure that South Africans across the country have the provisions they need to make their built environment a lasting luxury.

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Warren Williams’ Paintcor Product Demonstration

The Technical Manager at Paintcor, Warren Williams, spoke and gave demonstrations on three of Paintcor’s most advanced products. Paintcor is a family-owned business and Warren has been inspired by his father’s 35 years of experience in paint formulation and manufacturing to bring customers solutions for their construction challenges. Warren’s father is responsible for the design and formulation of the majority of Paintcor’s ground-breaking products, and Warren himself maintains Paintcor’s reputation of high quality by only using the best raw materials without compromise.

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By working as a site technical representative for Paintcor, as well as being involved in research and development and product optimisation for over four years, Warren is an authority on paint products and their application. He acted as lead designer and formulator of Paintcor’s recent releases: Essence and Grantex.

Warren has been in the paint industry for more than 12 years and his wealth of knowledge and experience really shone through in the demonstration given at the Expo. Warren gave a short demonstration on the use of Cementek, Acrylatex and Grantex.

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First was the two-part cement slurry used for tanking, priming and waterproofing known as Acrylatex. Acrylatex is quick drying and allows for projects to move forward much earlier thanks to the wait-time being minimised. It dries clear with a low viscosity which seals and dust proofs the surfaces it is applied to, including old and new concrete flooring and cement screeds.

plaster coating

Second was Paintcor’s cement curing enhancer, Cementek. This product has been specially designed to increase cement MPA and prime floors with damp proofing and resistance to dust collecting on its surface.

Thirdly and finally, Warren demonstrated the primer, Grantex, which also acts as a granular textured coating. The specialised raw materials that make up Grantex make it ideal for covering plaster’s imperfections.

We were happy to be invited to the African Construction Expo and given an opportunity to show the industry exactly what our products can bring to any project.






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