Paintcor Colour Forecast 2019

It’s that time of the year again, spring is around the corner and we are all looking for something to brighten up our homes for the coming year. Look no further as Paintcor, one of the leading paint manufacturers in South Africa has your Colour Forecast rearing and ready to add colour to your 2019.

Beloved Favourites: Grey and Off White

Our old favourites are back due to their endless versatility and lasting qualities. If you are looking to cover a large area with a neutral colour like an off-white or light grey you have come to the right place. By making use of Paintcor products you ensure that the coat of paint you apply to anything will last. It is advisable to use trusted paint manufacturers when choosing a neutral paint to cover a large area because it can stand alone without yellowing or deteriorating, and it acts as an optimal primer for a layer of bright or accented colour should you choose to add one.

Paintcor products in these colours are ideal for contractors of estates or large office spaces, because you are able to create a functional canvas to which the tenants can add their own special touch. This can be seen in the image below where the grey creates a base and it can be accented by the amount of light streaming in from the windows, which is accentuated by the bright yellow furniture for a quirky yet minimalistic office space.


There is nothing that says you can’t use an off-white as your base which you accent with shades of grey. You may even opt for something darker on which to build your story, like black and charcoal. The neutral layers create a beautiful juxtaposition without making use of any particularly outlandish colours. By sticking to the neutral tones you can create a serene space like the bedroom in the image below in which to clear your mind and unwind.

Grey Bedroom
Colour With Character Black Colour With Character Titanium, Hailstone, Bullrush

A Splash of 2019 Colour: Orange, Emerald and Yellow

We all love the familiar favourites, but an emerging Globalised African Style interior sees these paired with all things bright and wonderful to create something new.

The pairing of an off-white with a peach inspired hues of orange and hints of moss green in the furniture, all on a natural white marble surface, are the natural elements mixed with bright colours Paintcor knows South Africans love to explore in their interior design.

Orange and Green Office

Bright yellow adds the perfect accent to any room. It can be paired with warm colours so that they dance around a room, or neutral colours to stand out. Using bright yellow to offset a cool colour can create a contrast that draws the eye. When this is paired with earthy and natural tones, well, that’s a winning combination every time.

Colour with Character Purple

Embrace vivid colours like emerald green with soft, pastel coloured furniture on a wooden floor to add a touch of brightness to your every day. The way these colours frolic together is enough to inspire any interior designer. The dark jewel tone mingles elegantly with the pastels, natural elements and light, earthy tones. The same can be achieved with deep navy, royal purples or ruby reds. If you are not willing to commit an entire room to the bright colour make use of an accent wall to create depth and add a touch of fun, individuality and unique character to your space.

Emerald and Pink Room

However you may choose to express your character, be sure the paint will make just as long and lasting an impression as you do. Trust Paintcor products to deliver on functionality, style and colour in 2019! Contact us for more information.

Emerald and Pink Room

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