Painting interior wood

Painting interior wood

If the wood is previously varnished or painted it needs to be sanded back to a smooth matt finish. Once the surface is nice and smooth you need to wipe all the sanding dust off the surface with a damp cloth. Ensure you rinse the cloth as you go to remove all dust.

To paint the wood with a colour, then first apply a white base coat of Paintcors Unisub universal undercoat to the surface and allow 6 hours drying in warm conditions.

If you are varnishing the wood, then you may apply a coat of varnish directly over the evenly sanded surface. To avoid a patchy look, one must remember to evenly sand the old varnish system without leaving spots that are sanded back to raw wood, while leaving other areas that still have varnish. If the old varnish system is peeling then it would be best to sand back to wood.

If the wood is new and you wish to paint it, then it should be primed with Paintcors Unisub and allowed 6 hours drying time in summer conditions. You may then apply a top coat of your choice to the wood.

If you wish to varnish new wood then it can be primed with Paintcors Woodfirst which can be made into a variety of different coloured stains. Once the wood has been primed and stained if you wish, you are now ready to apply your clear coat of varnish over the top. Paintcor offers a hard wearing polyurethane varnish called Woodluv or an alternative called Woodcoat for interiors.
Remember to allow drying times between coats.

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