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Painting Porous or Glazed Tiles

Did you know that you can paint porous or glazed tiles? It’s quite easy, you can do it yourself! Just follow these steps:

1. Like when painting any other surface, you first need to make sure that the surface is clean. This means checking the tiles for signs of algae as well! First kill the algae with a product like Ushevu, and then clean the surface down.


2. For glazed tiles, first wipe the surface down with a cloth and lacquer thinners. It is important that the surface is grease-free before you continue.

3. For porous tiles, scrub the surface down and wash it clean with soap and water. If the tiles are only slightly porous, it may still require a coat of Glazed Tile Primer.

4. Once cleaned (and primed, if necessary) apply Elegance Matt or Silk of your choice.

5. Apply a coat of Glazed Tile Primer, and allow 4 hours to dry before applying the top coat of your choice. Remember that tiles that have contact with steam and condensation need an Elegance, Envirocoat or Enamel top coat. PLEASE NOTE: Glazed Tile Primer is not suitable for inside showers, if you wish to paint the tiles inside a shower, prime with Epoxi-Prime.

6. Always allow 24 hours drying time at room temperature before letting the newly painted tiles come in contact with any steam or condensation.

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