Painting Techniques That Give Your Space an Individual Flair

Paint Manufacturers in South Africa: Preparing your Surfaces for a Quality Final Product

Before painting anything, whether it be the floor, ceiling, walls or furniture, you need to be sure the surface has been properly prepped and primed for its paint job. When painting plaster you need to choose a product made to prime plaster, and for wood, a wood primer.

If in doubt you could make use of paint manufacturer’s innovations like Epoxiprime, which has been developed to stick to surfaces which most other paints won’t, including:

  • Damp cementitious surfaces
  • Glass
  • Tiles
  • Fibreglass

    If you apply this as your first layer your paint will take well to the surface it is being painted on. So even your bathroom tiles can get a makeover with the right priming products and techniques.

  • Acrylatex


    This paint technique gives surfaces a finished look resembling that of crushed velvet and it is easy and affordable to achieve. After the surface has been primed and painted with a glazed paint use a crumpled dry rag (replace it when it becomes saturated) to dab the wet paint to create the luxurious finish.

    You can also use the rag rolling technique by using a rolled up rag for a more directional pattern and finish.



    A stippled effect on painted surfaces adds dimension and movement in the colour you choose. You could even use two colours juxtaposed together for a truly unique effect of two colours coming together in places to reflect a third (mixed) colour. Use a stippling brush with paint or glaze to create a dynamic finish on any surface.



    This painting technique is similar to ragging. You will first paint your base the desired colour, and then use a sponge to dab on the second colour. Alternatively, you could apply your desired colour and/or glaze, and while it is still drying use the sponge to remove some of the layers for a textured effect.


    Make it Last

    Once you’ve done all the hard work you’ll want to make sure it lasts as long as possible. Even if you’ve used a decorative installation like masonry or a wall mural, treating it with Glaze-Coat can protect it from UV rays and give a glossy finish that will not yellow over time.


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