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Surface painting has come a long way since simply using it to add a layer of colour, only to need a fresh coat at the first sign of rain or change in weather conditions. Paint suppliers have developed a cornucopia of products that cover everything from skimming and patching paint all the way to paint used in aviation. These innovations in paint development let the product do the majority of the work for you, whether it be priming, damp proofing or even patching.


Skimming and Patching Paint to Do the Work for You

Using a specially developed innovation from paint suppliers can cut your workload in half when it comes to any surface painting job. Paintcor provides you with not only a layer of paint, but the solution for long-term maintenance of everything from cementitious surfaces to use as a primer that protects steel from rust.

Repairing While You Paint With Acrylatex

As a modified acrylic latex product Acrylatex goes above and beyond what many expect from a surface painting product. It has the ability to be incorporated with cement compounds and acts as a water replacement in sand and cement mixtures.

This unique ability means that even though it is a paint product it has the ability to repair even large areas of damage on cementitious walls and floors. It can also be used to repair feather edging.

The maintenance abilities of Acrylatex make it even more attractive as a surface painting product. It can be used for flower boxes and is so apt at damp proofing it is often used in the construction of fish ponds.

Acrylatex fish pond

When to Get Acrylatex for Your Project

Acrylatex can be used in the skimming and patching of walls and floors with cracks and damages to a depth of 1mm and more. It will help the future flexibility of the cement to help prevent it from cracking in the future. This paint product will also improve the strength of the cement, which reduces the amount of dust it collects.

For products that provide more than just a lick of paint contact Paintcor paint suppliers. You can give your entire home a service from top to bottom with our range of products.

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