PoolCure Epoxy Top Coat has been designed using the latest resin technology to improve UV resistance, hardness and water resistance.


-PoolCure has excellent adhesion and chemical resistance and must be used in conjunction with Paintcor’s EpoxiPrime for Swimming pools. PoolCure can also be used as a coating for floors and should also be used in conjunction with EpoxiPrime for best results. PoolCure is a Twin Pack system.


Area you would like to cover(square/meters):


Please note that the figures are guidlines, estimated by product spread rates.


February 9, 2018

Prepare to Set the Trend with Primers

December 6, 2015
damp proofing cement enhancer


Dampprime has been specially formulated to restrain rising damp and to repair water damage.
December 6, 2015
universal undercoat


EpoxiPrime has been specially designed as a primer for surfaces that normal paint will not stick well to, for example, damp cementitious surfaces, glass, tiles, Fibreglass etc. EpoxiPrime is a twin pack system and will adhere well to most surfaces it is applied to.

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