Prepare to Set the Trend with Primers

A new year means that it’s the time for new trends to hit our homes! Whether you intend to set them, join them or alter them with your unique spin, you need to make sure that your walls are prepared for their new look. The best way to prepare your walls before painting is to make use of primers. When is it necessary to use primers?

The whole idea behind primers is that they are meant to be painted onto your walls as a first coat before painting on your colour. The main reason for this is to seal your surface and to ensure that your paint doesn’t end up soaking in the wall and to produce a good alkalinity resistance ensuring good adhesion.

As South African paint manufacturers bringing you supreme quality since 1986, at Paintcor we have made a point of fully understanding the conditions your paints will need to deal with. That is why we’ve got a range of primers to suit all your priming needs:

Damp proofing

For those living in areas where the damp tends to get into your walls no matter what you do, ruining your paint from below, we suggest DampPrime. This particular primer has been specially formulated with cement and a few other special ingredients to react with the damp in your walls and hardens to a damp proof barrier. This ensures that the damp cannot penetrate the DampPrime layer, protecting the colour of your walls.

Damp proofing

Damp proofing

Difficult-to-paint surfaces

There are few things as frustrating as wanting to paint your home’s décor and surfaces to match the latest colour trends, only to find that your paint suppliers gave you something that won’t stick or last. Fortunately, our Epoxiprime primer provides you with the ideal solution. Using a twin-pack system comprised of both a base and catalyst, Epoxiprime promotes excellent adhesion onto surfaces such as polyester and glass which are usually difficult to paint onto. Just follow the specific instructions for your particular surface and you’ll have it beautified in no time.

Damp proofing

No need to replace your tiles

Tile replacements tend to carry a huge expense in bathroom renovations, and a daunting waste when the only real reason for replacing them was the colour. With our Glazed Tile Primer (GTP) this will no longer be a concern because it allows you to paint over your tiles. All you need to do is clean and dry your tiles, apply a coat of GTP and allow to dry, and then paint on a coat or two of our EnviroCoat, Elegance or EnduraCoat in your colour of choice. Just like that, your tiles look good as new at a fraction of the cost.

Damp proofing

Damp proofing

Your home’s all-purpose primer

Sometimes you want a more universal undercoat as opposed to a specific primer, especially if you find you have some left over and some extra surfaces in need of an undercoat. For you we have Unisub, a universal undercoat formulated by our team of South African paint manufacturers to adhere to strict quality specifications. Unisub dries quickly to a hard, matt finish and provides good hiding power below and an excellent surface above for the coats of colour to follow. It can also be used on steel, wood and walls that have been painted previously, making it ideal for use on other surfaces like trims, window and door frames and gutters.

Don’t let your surfaces keep you from painting your home your way. Contact Paintcor to find your nearest paint suppliers to pick up a primer that will help you set the trend you want for this new year.

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