Prime Your Plastered Surfaces For Optimal Appearance [PlasterPrime]

You’ve just plastered your walls, and they look great, but now you want to add some colour. Of course you do! And you are in luck, because at Paintcor we have the perfect plaster primer solution for helping you add a splash of colour to your walls: PlasterPrime!

What is PlasterPrime?

It’s all in the name, right? PlasterPrime is a plaster primer that has been specifically formulated to prepare your Gypsum or cement plaster surfaces for being painted. On top of being highly water and alkali resistant, our plaster primer also provides excellent adhesion.

The benefit to your painting efforts here is that this superb adhesion helps your final coat of paint to take to the wall even better than would usually. So you have far less to worry about in terms of flaking and peeling.

Paintcor Plaster Prime 2

No topcoat trouble

You’ve seen plastered walls with their white topcoats, looking all patchy and scruffy. Nobody likes looking at that, and many will tell you that is the trouble with applying a white topcoat on top of plaster. But with PlasterPrime you have a plaster coating that dries to a white or off-white colour which provides excellent opacity before applying a coat of white paint. With this plaster coating’s help you will have less of your plaster showing through, and that means a less patchy paint job.

While we’re on the topic of smooth coats of paint, this plaster primer takes well to smooth surfaces too. If your plaster is smooth and even-textured, you won’t need to worry about adding in extra undercoats. Now that is a bargain because you don’t need as much plaster coating as you would otherwise.

Paintcor Plaster Prime 2

Easy application process

 No one likes long, complicated application processes, whether it be at the bank or while painting. That is why we formulated PlasterPrime to be the easiest, most efficient plaster primer to apply possible. All you need to do before applying PlasterPrime is to seal the plaster up (especially if it is weak or chalky) and give it some damp proofing and you are good to go. Here’s a list of products to help you prepare your plaster:

  • For plaster that remains chalky – RhinoSeal
  • For poor quality plaster that releases loose particles when brushed – Acryseal
  • For hiding differences in texture – Acrylunder

    High quality goods are always great, and high-quality plaster takes well to PlasterPrime. But to get the most out of your plaster coating you should also add a layer of damp proofing protection with KlinkaSeal.

  • Paintcor Plaster Prime 2

    Everything you need for the perfect plastered surfaces is available at Paintcor! Get in touch with our professionals and we’ll see that you are primed to be stunning in no time.

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