Renovate your furniture with shabby chic character and a vintage touch


Dressers, wardrobes, chairs, chests and tables are being manufactured by the millions every day with the same design. Everybody has the same furniture!

Do you have an old piece of furniture hidden somewhere in your house? Perfect! Why not renovate it to represent your unique style, and get it right the first time?

Paintcor is proud to introduce Chalkit.

The perfect solution for those with a Pinterest board titled ‘DIY’. Chalkit will allow you to turn all your old furniture into shabby chic masterpieces.

Here’s how to get that authentic shabby vintage look and feel
Choose your paint products

This may seem like an easy task but there is so much more to paint than merely deciding on a colour. Be sure to choose a quality paint manufacturer. You want to use paint that will “wear and tear” the way you manipulate it to but will last. ChalkIt has a beautiful flat matt finish, it’s easily washable with high coverage and unsurpassed last ability. A very rewarding product for all your DIY efforts.


Get proper paint equipment


There are many different tools you can use to experiment with. This product truly encourages one to play around and get creative.

Here is our suggested list when starting your first chalk paint piece.

For a shabby chic weathered look:


  • Paint brushes (The size will be dependent on your piece)
  • X2 Clean cloths or clean rags (Cleaning and removing dust)
  • Water (cleaning your brushes)
  • Sand paper (A rough grit and a fine grit so you can play around with the amount of abrasion you require)
  • Paintcor’s WoodLusta clear varnish - used for interior pieces.

    (This is advised to further protect your piece and ensure that it lasts. These can also be used to replace clear wax when dark wax is not being used and also requires less hours of labour than the waxing process)

  • Paintcor’s WoodLuv varnish or Glaze coat (acrylic) clear varnish - used for your exterior pieces.

    Added extras you will need for the dirty vintage look will be:

  • Chalkit

  • All of the above except for the sealer.
  • A clear wax.
  • A dark wax.
  • 3 Sponges (One for clear wax application, one for dark wax application and one for blending and removing excess wax).

    For a clean simple look all you will need is:

  • Chalkit

  • Sand paper (For surface preparation).
  • ChalkPaint (Enough for two coats).
  • Paintcor’s WoodLusta clear varnish - used for interior pieces.
  • Paintcor’s WoodLuv varnish or Glaze coat (acrylic) clear varnish - used for your exterior pieces.

    The technique for shabby chic weathered look

  • Chalkit
  • Begin by cleaning your item, remove all screws and hardware, and fix all damages such as a broken handle, for example.
  • Sand it completely and wipe the excess dust off with a damp cloth.
  • Paint the first layer of Chalkit and allow it to dry completely for 24hours.
  • Apply your second coat and allow to dry for 24hours.
  • Chalkit

    (Note: When using two different colours, allow the second colour coat to dry for 3hours only, making it easier to reveal the colour beneath it.)

  • Once the paint is completely dry, it is time to distress the surface. You can use sanding paper, steel wool, an old rag and paint striper. Don’t be afraid to experiment with methods- you want character, remember?>
  • Focus on areas that would normally wear in time such as edges, as this will create a more authentic look.
  • Remove all dust on your piece with a cloth.
  • Finish off your project with some Paintcor’s Clear glaze coat (acrylic), WoodLuv (exterior varnish) or WoodLusta (Interior varnish).

    The technique and how to get the dirty vintage look

  • Chalkit
  • Follow guidelines as above but seal your final piece with a sponge and a thin layer of clear wax coat and allow to settle for a few minutes.
  • Wipe excess wax of with your clean sponge.
  • Apply a thick layer of dark wax in the areas you would like your dirty vintage look to appear and gently rub it in allowing your wax to settle in the cracks for a minute.
  • Wipe all excess dark wax off with a clean sponge and apply another thin coat of your clear wax with your sponge dedicated to clear wax. (Note: make sure you have a sponge dedicated to clear wax, a sponge for dark wax and sponges for removing excess wax).
  • Allow wax to settle for a few minutes and whipe down for the final time to remove all excess wax. When wax is used a Sealer cannot be applied.
  • Chalkit
    The most important part of this project is to play around and have fun. Let’s get creative!

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