Spruce Up Your Concrete Floors with Floorcoat


Concrete floors are an economical flooring solution in times where every cent counts, but some people are still worried that it doesn’t look stylish or warm enough. Paintcor has the solution with our specialised concrete floor paint: Floorcoat.


A coat for your floor

Just as you wear coats to protect and beautify yourself, Floorcoat will do the same for your floor. It is a quality tough, durable film paint formulated to coat both domestic and light industrial concrete floors. So if you are using our concrete floor paint at your factory or warehouse, you can rest assured that it will keep up appearances quite well and save you from constant repainting. For home owners with concrete floors, this will apply even more so, since you have a lot less wear on your domestic floors. So everybody wins!

Pick the colour that suits you

Just like nobody wants to wear a coat in a colour that doesn’t suit them, you don’t want a concrete floor paint that simply mimics the concrete beneath it. You will have a lovely range of colours with a beautiful gloss finish, so you can make sure you get the best look for your home or industrial space.


Hassle-free cleaning

 Another common hassle for domestic and industrial concrete floor paints is trying to keep it clean. Many paints tend to fade and peel under the influence of household chemicals, but our Floorcoat is resistant to most household chemicals. So you can wash your floors as normal without worrying about ruining your snazzy paintjob.

It’s a snug fit

Our Floorcoat concrete floor paint dries with excellent adhesion, which means it fits perfectly and snugly to the floor. Also, the excellent adhesion means that the paint will stick to the concrete and not lift, ensuring the quality, durability and aesthetics of your paint job.

Our friendly sales staff at Paintcor are ready to fit you with the perfect floor paint just give us a call.

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