concrete floor paint

Subtex has been specially formulated to correct texture differences on new single-coated cement plaster.

It has been designed to be cost effective, alkaline resistant and can be applied with either sheepskin roller to correct texture difference, or with a ripple roller to give a smooth low-relief ripple. Subtex will cover plaster in one coat when used with a sponged ripple roller. After application of Subtex, a top coat of your choice can be applied.


-It is cost effective.
-It has a high binding power and excellent hiding power..
-It is alkaline resistant, preventing a patchy finish. .
-It has the ability to cover scarring..
-It requires no subsequent undercoat or sealers.


Area you would like to cover(sq/m):


Please note that the figures are guidlines, estimated by product spread rates.


February 9, 2018

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December 6, 2015
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