Your Surfaces are Calling Out for Colour!

Surfaces Paint

Your Surfaces are Calling Out for Colour!

Surfaces Paints

Traditionally, people in the past thought walls should be off-white and all other surfaces are simply the colour they arrive in and stay that way. This is a reality of the past. 2018 is calling out for more colour and it is easy to add to any surface with the right paint manufacturer supplying your rainbow-fuelled frenzy.

Surfaces Paints

Don’t just paint your walls, make them sing

With a trusted paint manufacturer in South Africa like Paintcoryou know that all your surfaces will be well taken care of. If your walls are looking a bit dreary in the beginning of this brand new year it could be time for a new lick of paint. Add colour to your 2018 by embracing the colour wheel and taking it for spin.

This year sees the rise of pastel greens, deep berry tones and earthy neutrals. Whatever you fancy you know your walls will gleam brightly when the right wall paint is used, lasting until you decide to paint again.

Surfaces Paints Surfaces Paints Surfaces Paints Surfaces Paints Surfaces Paints Surfaces Paints

If you are not ready to take the plunge and paint your kitchen green then start small. Create a feature wall that draws the eye by painting one wall a bright colour. This will give the room instant personality and set the tone for a new year without completely changing the face of your interior.

Wood paint for unique but chic interiors

Have an old vanity table collecting dust or maybe an old bench being taken over by the birds outside? Don’t let quality woodwork go to waste because it isn’t looking its best anymore. Never fear, a lick of fresh paint is here with the solution! Bring your furniture back to life with any colour your heart desires.

To bring some cottage-inspired style to your space you can distress the wood paint and allow it to keep its weathered quality but still stand out and be perfectly usable. Wood paint can breathe new life into any woodwork you thought had passed its hay day.

Surfaces Paints Surfaces Paints

Paint everything from top to bottom

With the advances made in paint manufacturing over the last few years you can safely and efficiently paint just about any surface. You can even paint your floors now! That’s right, floor paint instead of tiles or a carpet. Now you can add colour to all aspects of your life, nothing is off-limits!

Surfaces Paints

Floorcoat is perfect for domestic and light industrial concrete floors. With excellent adhesion to interior floors and a medium gloss finish you can virtually paint your house from top to bottom with Paintcor.

Contact us to add colour to your 2018!

Surfaces Paints

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