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The cement enhancers or cement paints available from Paintcor have been specially developed for maximum durability and full coverage. They have multiple features that serve all the needs of both interior and exterior applications.


This is a modified latex product that is used as a cement enhancer, for damp proofing and even used as a patching compound for interior and exterior surfaces. Thanks to its impressive flexibility, Acrylatex can be used to repair large, damaged cementitious surfaces like where thin plaster films or feather-edging is required.

Acrylatex has been formulated to be incorporated into cement compounds to act as a water replacement for sand and cement mixtures. So if you are trying to fix cracked walls this product will eliminate the problem from the very beginning. Acrylatex makes the surface exceedingly flexible and durable while also diminishing dusting where the wall produces a fine cement dust.

It is such an effective water and damp proofing agent that it is often used on flower boxes, in the plaster below damp proof course and even to stop damp rising in the construction of fish ponds.


This is a popular cement paint manufactured by Paintcor. It has the ability to dust proof new “green” concrete and offers excellent UV protection. It does this by effectively sealing the moisture which helps to cure the concrete while allowing it to reach its maximum hardness without cracking.

CemenTek is considered necessary when completing hard wearing concrete floors, or deck roofs that are still in a green or damp space, in order to cure, seal and stop them from dusting. It is such an effective sealant that it can even be used on bricks. Most sealers can only be applied after 28-day curing periods but CemenTek can be applied after only 24 hours.


PlasterBond is a cement paint that has been developed to act as a primer and cement enhancer that is alkali-resistant. It is especially effective to promote the adhesion of new plaster and the surface it is being applied to.

It can be added to cement mixtures to improve their adhesion, water resistance and strength.

If you have a plaster or cement surface which needs a layer of protection, damp proofing and more you have come to the right place. Our cement enhancers have been specially designed to serve all the needs of cement surfaces both old and new. For more information on cement paint and other Paintcor products contact us.

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