Interior with Pastel Pink

Warm-up Your Interior with Pastel Pink

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From soft lemonade to minty green and subtle pink, pastel colours will add a wisp of ambiance to your interior design. International interior designers are going crazy for pastel colours, especially to replace, or even enhance subtle creams and beiges.

The phycology behind colours

A lot of research has been done on how colour impacts emotions, providing information that inspired this stunning pastel design trend. As soon as your eyes connect with a colour, your brain releases different chemicals that impact your moods and emotions. Pastel colours, then, became interior design’s help hand to creating healthy, happy spaces.

The phycology behind pastel colours

Pastels, though lighter and softer than standard colours, still have an impact on our emotions. In fact, pastel colours are dynamic because they are even more calming than other uplifting colours. Pastel takes the edge off of any colour, even if it was a calming colour to begin with. At the same time, it creates sophistication in an environment- with the help of stylish interior design, it can really bring a room to life, softly.

Why you should choose pastel pink

Pastel pink is definitely hot on the South African market at the moment. The colour brings elegance like none other into a room, look at how these stunning rooms incorporated it:
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Pink pastel with colours & textures

Although pastel pink pairs well with whites, light woods and gold, you can also pair it with bold colours, such as green for an electric feel. It is also ideal for minimalist interiors: add cool white furniture or surfaces, like white duvets in the bedroom, white cushions in the living room and white cabinets in the kitchen. Even the smallest details like window frames and doorknobs can make pastel pink pop.
If you want to create a soft, romantic and mysterious colour scheme, a pink pastels and grey tone combination is calling you. This is because, while light pink brings a feminine charm into the interior design, light grey tones enhance elegance. Contrast these colours with white to create a fresh, modern and welcoming environment.
Pink can also create a warm, mellow environment, which is ideal for entryways and living areas. To bring this comfortable sensation into the room, choose a mature pink, like a Pink Panther PC22, and pair it with earthy textured furniture and accessories.

Pink pastel with Wood

Choose wood finishes that complement your chosen pastel colours. Pastel colours blend in with natural materials, such as wood floors, wood countertops and seagrass. Incorporating lighter wood, such as bamboo or lighter maple will ensure that your interior is quant and calming.
Darker colour tiles and countertops can be incorporated to a room to create a balanced colour scheme, if you want interior to look bolder. For a stronger contrast, incorporate rich wood, such as cherry wood for pastel pinks, or mahogany wood for pastel blues and greens.

Which paint should you choose

If you want to paint your walls pastel pink, Paintcor can help you choose the best paint for the job! For quality pastel colours, purchase Pristina Paint. Pristina is a matt paint that comes in whites, creams and pastels. You can also purchase EssenceEssence Paint, which is a matt paint with a slight mild sheen, ideal for a quality, luxurious interiors. Contact us for more information


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