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Why Your Walls Need a High-Quality Plaster Primer

Primer acts as a sealer/coating that will protect and ensure proper adhesion of subsequent coats. This means that the paint job you do will have an extended life thanks to the primer. Plaster needs a layer of primer to protect it from the elements, moisture ingression, chipping, bubbling, discoloring and flaking. That is where PlasterPrime Trade comes in.

Why Painting Directly Onto Plaster Doesn’t Work

If you apply paint directly to new plaster the water in the emulsion is quickly absorbed by the plaster which affects the adhesion of the coating. Many people jump the gun and want to paint their fresh plaster the next day but plaster can take weeks to dry depending on atmospheric conditions.

A quality plaster primer like PlasterPrime Trade from Paintcor sidesteps both these dilemmas completely. The plaster primer acts as a sealant between subsequent coatings and the plaster, ensuring normal curing and binding of the finishing coats.

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PlasterPrime Trade’s for DIY and Patched Walls

Good quality masonry work is essential for the aesthetics of a wall coating. PlasterPrime Trade will give your plaster an even finish that will not chip away in time. This is especially useful when patching undulations/uneven plasterwork. Sealing the repaired surfaces with PlasterPrime will ensure an even finish and long-lasting adhesion of the finishing coats. If you have the ability to fix your walls yourself with plaster then PlasterPrime Trade is pivotal to the step in the DIY process to ensure a professional result.

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About PlasterPrime Trade

  • Adheres to both Gypsum (Rhinolite) and cement plaster
  • It is alkali resistant
  • It is water resistant
  • It does not need any undercoats when being applied to bare smooth plaster
  • Excellent adhesion of subsequent coats

  • plaster coating

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