wood paint
wood paint

Woodluv is ready-to-use as an exterior clear or stained wood varnish.

It exhibits excellent long-term flexibility, toughness, UV ray and water resistance due to the careful selection of resins used in the product. It has been formulated to meet the highest quality standards. Woodluv allows for rich nourishment and contains protection oils and stabilizers which help achieve a tough yet flexible clear film. This allows for the application to most outdoor wood surfaces such as floors, furniture, window frames and doors. This product can only be used on new wood, on wood with no varnish/paint, or on wood which has been stripped of all existing varnish.


-It is used for the sealing and protection of exterior wood surfaces.
-It prevents any cracking or flaking, therefore no loss of adhesion will occur.
-It has been carefully formulated to accommodate movement in wood.
-UV scattering pigments and UV absorbers are included in the formulation, ensuring a long lasting, easy to clean product.

wood paint


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December 6, 2015
decopage glaze coat


Art-FX-Glaze-Coat is a water based, adhesion promoted, pure acrylic polymer used for the over-coating of wall murals, techniques, decoupage, wood and masonry.
December 6, 2015
concrete floor paint


Wood1st has been developed to protect and stain (if necessary) both new and raw wood. It can be used alone, or as a deep penetrating primer under varnish.
December 6, 2015
wood paint


Woodcoat is a ready-to-use wood varnish. It exhibits excellent long-term flexibility and waterproofing properties.
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